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You Need Your Own Attorney When Negotiating a Pre-Nuptial Agreement

By- gagliardilawllc | Jun 30, 2021 | No Comments

Unfortunately, a pre-nuptial agreement is generally an adversarial document that is negotiated between the parties. It is required to be executed before the marriage. So each party will want what is in their best interest at the time of execution.

It might feel counter-intuitive that two people who are presumably in love would want [....]

Top Five Characteristics to Look For When Selecting a Real Estate Attorney For the Sale of Your House

By- gagliardilawllc | Jun 15, 2021 | No Comments

So you’re selling your house. You need an attorney who understands real estate. Here are five characteristics to consider when looking for the best real estate attorney for you.

1. Real Estate Experience. Experienced real estate attorneys know the pitfalls that can occur with real estate transactions. Although many attorneys will acquire some real estate [....]

A Pre-Nuptial Agreement Makes Sense for Both Parties

By- wpadmin | Jun 3, 2021 | No Comments

No one wants to plan their marriage and their divorce at the same time. Yet the possibility of divorce isn’t going away. So doesn’t it make sense to plan for it, just in case? And even if you never decide to file for divorce, you need to accept that your spouse might. So how does one prepare for something that they hope will never come?

Similar to a Last Will and Testame [....]

Why You Need An Attorney When Selling Your House

By- wpadmin | May 17, 2021 | No Comments

The process of selling a house is often a stressful and confusing experience. For a number of reasons you should retain an attorney to represent you. One of the most important reasons: The sale of your house is a publicly-sanctioned transaction. That means it is governed by federal and state laws as well as local procedures within the municipality in which the house is loc [....]

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